SOPHIE: And is there a sound in the natural world that is scary? Like maybe the sound of someone screaming, or the sound of a dinosaur roaring or something like that?

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: There are two things. One thing is high school girls laughing like crazy, it scares me because they’re out of their minds! The second is when I hear the sound of them running after me. That’s scary.

This interview is not new, but it is perfect


Is there a name for how your brain gravitates toward different colors over the years? If anyone asks me what my favorite color is, I usually draw a blank or say “grey”, but for the past couple months I’ve found myself attracted to blue — especially deep royal blue, even veering into violet. I don’t think I’ve ever had a blue phase. Blue was my grandmother’s favorite color, purple has always been my mom’s favorite color. I’ve always associated that part of the color wheel with femininity and rules. But now, I dunno, I see it as kind of sturdy and calming and radically square. I guess I see it the same way. Blue is my normcore now.

I loved green from junior high through high school. Olive drab in 7th grade, chartreuse in 8th and 9th, forest in 10th, kelly in 11th and 12th. It felt ungendered to me, when I wore it I felt like a valuable asset to whatever friend group I was a part of, it seemed high-functioning yet poetic at the same time. A boxy green wool coat that was my mom’s, a pine-needle vintage girl scout dress that I wore over jeans because of course I did, a striped polo that I wore just about once a week and which I had my bio picture taken in for our school paper.

The summer in between junior and senior year on our high school orchestra trip, I bought a nylon messenger bag, square shaped with the Swiss flag on it. This planted the seed for a red phase which lasted through a bit of college. I had another red purse that I loved as well, some cheapo over-the-shoulder thing a family friend in Japan sent me. I put a pin of Mei from My Neighbor Totoro on it and felt like she was my mascot, a little troublemaker prone to getting into situations but who ultimately had nothing but good intentions. When I went to L.A. for college orientation I bought a layered jersey miniskirt in candy-cane stripes on the 3rd street promenade; my friend painted my portrait that summer, in the skirt and a black Lacoste polo, holding a red apple. Some family I never met bought it, presumably it’s hanging in their living room somewhere in Iowa.

Grey truly was my favorite color after college. I wanted to be inoffensive and noncommittal. Most colored clothing seemed presumptuous to me (most still does, to be honest.) In particular I remember a knee-length linen skirt woven in sketchy pewter, which I bought at my favorite strip mall boutique Ambassador Roberta, and which I felt very cute in for a second before going to hang out with the guy I was dating, only to be mostly ignored while he and his friends watched Project Runway. An unflattering jacket, the color of June gloom, which I bought in a pinch at the H&M at the Beverly Center before a road trip to Portland.

Grey grey grey, most things I buy are still grey. Or black. Or white. My laptop case, my couch, half my towels. Is that how you spell grey? A little bit of yellow or neon yellow thrown in every once in a while as an obligatory sign of life. Then earlier this summer I bought a pair of purple pants and a pair of quilted leather boots almost in the same color from a consignment store. I felt weird about it, I nearly apologized to the cashier. They sat around for a while, I felt scared of them, which is almost always a good sign with this kind of thing. The first time I wore them (to work, to a show in Berlin respectively) felt like a small victory.

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m writing this. Colors exist and we react to them differently at different times. Blue is not my favorite color. What is your favorite color?